Architectural Photography: architectural panoramas, moderne, shelter, the home, grand architecture. fine art limited edition prints

1. Architectural Panoramas

By combining as many as 120 architectural details in a single image, super-wide architectural panoramas are created in orthographic projection, which challenge the viewer with their resulting paradoxes of perspective. Important or distinctive architectural elevations can be seen in their entirety and with an accuracy that is normally never seen- even in the original architectural or survey drawing. This project has been self-funded since 1988 with travel throughout Europe over several years.

2. Piranesi: paradoxes of perspective.

This project aims to explore the surviving buildings and locations used by Piranesi for his eighteenth century architectural views and fantasies using digital photographic techniques. The seemingly unnatural perspective in Piranesi’s could be either verified or closely replicated, creating compositions that elude conventional photographic approaches. By reference to original works it will also be possible to realise new interpretations. Furthermore, the recorded artifacts, along with classical elements and views from Britain’s magnificent neo-classical heritage, will be used as a basis for new architectural fantasies.

Funding has been provided by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities in Scotland to allow for one months study at the British School in Rome.

3 Seaside Modernism

A on-going survey of UK thirties and other modernist inspired architecture. An ongoing project focusing on the coastal towns of the UK

4. Shopping

A new project which will explore the shopping environment of European cities. This will include visual surveys of key shopping thoroughfares, window displays and panoramas of supermarket aisles.

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